Liv Marit Haakenstad, Norwegian author of 9 books and professional genealogist, is writing a book about the history of Norwegian emigration to the United States. The book includes information and help on how to do genealogy research to find your roots in Norway. Many people in the US have heard her seminars and received her helpful information. Her expertise and experience will now be shared in English when this reference can be published in translated from Norwegian. The book guides you through techniques of research and ways to verify resources with reliable documentation. Readers will learn procedures on how to verify information by cross-referencing sources. Translation of any book is expensive and time consuming. Costs may approach many thousands of dollars. With your donation, you will make it possible for this book to be published and come to people interested in Norwegian genealogy and immigration history  more quickly.  Please donate now to make this book accessible to genealogy novices, hobbyists, and obsessives.