The new Digital Archive has not completed putting all the new features in place yet, one of the most cumbersome is perhaps the lack of ability to scroll forward and back in the emigrant lists. There is however a solution. In the address line at the top of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.), there is a number in the end of the line. This can be changed, and on the way you can scroll forward and backward in the source.

For example: Alfred Theodor Andersen has the web address, but if we change the last two numbers to 37, using the full address, we get hits on the next in line, Alfred Thorvald Torgersen. These are two cousins who journeyed to America together. This is not the best solution but it gives you the opportunity to browse in the lists.

Screen shot of Emigrant liste from White Star Line: SAO, White Star-linjen, D/Da/L0005: Emigrant, 1904-1923, s. upaginert
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