A new column, Norwegian Genealogy Detective, will start up soon in the pages of The Norwegian American. The column will be managed by Norwegian genealogist, Liv Marit Haakenstad, from Hamar, Norway. In this column, she and her research team will help people find their Norwegian Roots. The genealogical submission is open only to current subscribers of The Norwegian American. Her research team, with over seventy-five years’ experience in Norwegian and Norwegian-American genealogy, will pick one case every month, and this person will get free assistance to find their Norwegian roots. Information from the submissions and their findings will be published in The Norwegian American, and a detailed report will be sent to the person submitting the case. If more people submit questions than we have space to publish, her research team would be available privately to respond to genealogical inquiries for a fee. Haakenstad has written nine books on Norwegian emigration and genealogy in addition to more than a hundred articles, published in genealogical and computer magazines. She is a frequent contributor to the research staff of Who Do You Think You Are? TV show and is a well-known speaker at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! conference and many others. For more information: https://www.norwegianancestry.com/contact/.