norancNorAnc is an app that is designed for genealogists who work in this field. It provides genealogy fact-sheets for Norwegian sources, note-taking, image and map functions.

This app is also available in Norwegian (NorSlekt) – see

New in version 1.0.1.
Fact sheets for some of the main sources of Norwegian genealogy.

About NorAnc
The app contains fact sheets for some of the main sources of Norwegian genealogy. It has links to some pages where you can find information, either in the form of original sources, sources in the transcripts that are searchable, or supporting information for the source. Please note that some of the links lead to websites in Norwegian. All the sources of this app are from Liv Marit Haakenstad’s two published books – “Slektsgranskerens guide til utvandringen 1825-1930” (A Genealogist’s Guide to Emigration 1825-1930, Orion 2008) and “Slektsgransking. Steg for steg med praktiske eksempler” (Genealogy. Step by step with practical examples, Aschehoug 2010).

The app has a notes feature that makes it easy to store information relating to genealogy. The notes are created with the location feature either on or off. If the location feature is on at the start of note-taking, your coordinates will be saved when stored and subsequently displayed on the app’s map page. You can also capture an image that can be added to the note.
A built-in GPS function will also show you where you are right now. You can switch between three maps by clicking on one of the choices at the top-right side of the map – Standard, Satellite and Hybrid. By adding a note under My Notes, GPS coordinates will register the location of the note. You can also change or delete a note. When you change a note afterwards, your original coordinates will not change, only the text of the note. Remember that the GPS may have a margin of error in terms of coordinates.

You can then send the note as an e-mail. Click Send (e-mail function) to send e-mail. Images will load when included as part of the email. This may take some time.

If you open the Map feature in the app, you will see where you’ve been when you add notes using map pins. The notes can be accessed by clicking on the pins, and then on the blue arrow that appears in the label for the note. You can use the Notes function independently of the Maps application.
The app codes are made by Bill Ray ( and Norapp ( for us. Icons are made by The Working Group ( and Liv Marit Haakenstad. Completion of the app by Liv Marit Haakenstad. All rights to content and app belong to Liv Marit Haakenstad, Text translated by Tynlee Roberts,

About the project
This app is part of the project “Norwegian Ancestry”, a book about Norwegian genealogy in English. By purchasing this app, you will be contributing towards the translation of this book.

You will find the project’s website at If you would like to support us further you can donate on our home page.

Purchasing the app
You can buy the app in the iTunes AppStore.
For iPhone / iPod touch / iPad go to

FAQ / Tip
Q.: I’m having problems with the installation.
A: Check that the battery has more than 50 percent power.

Q.: I’m having trouble loading the map features.
A.: Check that the battery has more than 50 percent power.

Q.: I cannot load the map.
A.: You must turn on the Location feature to load the map.

This app can use GPS in conjunction with Google Maps. The app will ask for permission to use GPS at startup (location services). At startup, the map is centered on the coordinates 0.0/0.0 (somewhere off the African coast). If the blue cursor does not go to the place you are at the moment, press the Location button in the upper left corner, and it will help you to find your location.

Q.: I cannot find the picture I just took in the app’s Pictures.
A.: Check in the app’s Pictures. It will be located in one of the albums there.

If you have more than two notes at the exact same coordinates, only the last two will work.

If you want to find your coordinates in another map, you can, for example, open the app map and enter the coordinates in a row like this: 60.79340 11.06693 and click Search. This will give you the address: Pier 31 in Hamar, Skiblandnerbrygga.

Q.: I cannot find a function to add a new peg.
A.: It is not possible to add your own map pins on the map today. Map Pins are created only in creating a note with the location service turned on.

Q.: How do I add a note?
A.: Go to My Notes and click the plus sign in the left corner. Remember to save the note before you leave the function. You will now see the note in the list of my notes.

Q.: How do I edit a note?
A.: Go to my notes, and then click on that note. Click the Change button, and add the changes you want to make. Note that the GPS coordinates of the original note will stay the same. These cannot be edited.

Q.: How do I delete a note?
A.: Go to my notes, and then click on that note. Click the Delete button and confirm that you want to delete the note.

These notes are plain text fields. You can cut and paste text into the notes, but not images. If you want to attach a picture to the note, it is possible to do so as you send e-mails. Open Pictures, click on the desired image and select Copy. Then go back to NorAnc, select the note you want to send, paste the image into the email, and send the note.

All links from the source information open in Safari. If a page does not appear, check that the other links work. The page you visited may just be down.

You can share data with others by sending them an e-mail directly from the app.

Send your data regularly to an e-mail as backup.

When the app is deleted, you lose all data.

There may be additional costs when using the GPS feature. If you do not have a Norwegian mobile subscription, you should consider buying a prepaid card (with a new SIM card) from another provider, such as Telenor (best coverage). Abroad, you may want to change to a local subscription.